Fun Facts


Batman isn’t environmentally friendly!

Well his batmobile certainly isn’t, according to IMDB
the batmobile runs on unleaded gas and can do about 7 miles per gallon!

So a Sunday cruise from Manhattan to the Jersey Shore in the BatMobile would cost Batman $85
Holy Gas Guzzler!!

Saturn V

Neil Armstrong’s rocket to the moon, the Saturn-V, ran on liquid oxygen, RP-1, and liquid hydrogen (AKA rocket fuel) rather than gasoline, but through our trusty add the one math, we figure that if it ran on gasoline, the Saturn-V rocket which uses 2 Million kilograms of rocket fuel to get 42 miles, would get

  • 2,000,000 kg x (2.2 pounds per kg) = 4,400,000 lbs
  • 4,400,000 lbs / (5.8 lbs per gallon of gas) = 758,620 gals
  • 42 miles / 758,620 gals = almost no miles per gallon

Ok ran out of fingers to count on, this is one where you can have “gallons per mile!”

So that works out to be about 18,062 gallons to get 1 mile !!!!!!!!

Therefore a trip from Reston, Va to Manhattan NY in a Saturn V would cost you a cool $17 million dollars

So not only a little expensive, but considering its 365 ft tall by 33 ft wide
parking could be a problem as well.

Ford’s Model T

Which went 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline, was more fuel efficient than the current Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicle —
which manages just 16 miles per gallon.

Detroit News, 6/4/03

Ten Years Ago

The average price of a gallon of regular gas last week in the US was $3.96, ten years ago it was $1.45.

Around the world

If you think the average price of a gallon of regular gas in the US was expensive last week at $3.96, the price in the United Kingdom was almost twice as expensive at $7.86 per gallon.

In the movie The Straight Story (1999)

Alvin Straight a 73 year old man drove about 240 miles on a 1966 John Deere riding lawn mower with a top speed of five miles per hour.

That’s nearly 50 straight hours of driving, looking into it movie magic gave Alvin a straight ride for only a handful of 5 gallon tin cans in his trailer.

However through careful research… aka asking the guy who cuts grass at my apartment, a John Deere back then would have gotten about 12 miles to the gallon !!!

240 / 12 = 20 gallons!!

Back then gas was about $1.40, then entire trip would have cost $28!

Today the same trip’s cost to drive from Laurens, Iowa to Mount Zion, Wisconsin is $44 !

OJ Simpson’s getaway

This one is a little tricky, OJ Simpson was spotted heading south on I-405 in Orange County, CA, when the slow 35mph chase began, and ended in BrentWood LA, now it’s speculated this was a round trip, but there’s no specific details, so we’re working off what we can find in Wikipedia

From our rough calculations, we’ll assume that OJ was spotted on I-405 by Fountain Valley Orange County, and proceeded to Brentwood along I-405.

So how much do you think it would Cost OJ Simpson To Drive his white Ford Bronco to getaway today?