What Does it Cost to Commute?

How much does it cost you to drive to work each day? Most people don’t realize that transportation costs to and from work can end up being one of their largest monthly expenditures, and so here at C2G we’re working … Continue reading

Memorial Day RoadTweets

Here at C2G we LOVE to drive, and so we’re focused on building tools that help people plan and experience better car trips. One of the products we’ve built is RoadTweets, an iPhone application that makes it super easy to … Continue reading

20 Memorable Memorial Day Road Trips

Featuring America’s Byways Continue reading

Cost2Drive Becomes More Social

Adds Facebook Like Button to Website A few weeks ago at their f8 developer conference, Facebook announced a new feature that Websites can easily add to their sites; the ‘Like’ button. The button, which Facebook refers to as a ‘plug … Continue reading

Is the iPad the Perfect Road Trip Companion?

When the iPad was made available for sale in US stores on April 3rd I took the opportunity to visit an Apple store in Naples, FL and test out the device. After waiting in line for about 45 minutes I … Continue reading

The Almafi Coast the Most Popular ‘Drive of a Lifetime’

Last year National Geographic Traveler magazine ran a great feature called Drives of a Lifetime. It consisted of 50 amazing road trip itineraries from across the globe (though the large majority are in North America). We thought it would be … Continue reading

Kayak found guilty of ‘Flipping off’ customers

Has Kayak been flipping off its customers? Actually, they’ve been letting their users flip themselves off with their fun new interactive flip tool that lets users create their own version of the Kayak logo that resembles the schedule boards found … Continue reading

Google Maps version of Drives of a Lifetime

With the summer rapidly approaching and the weather turning fine, many thoughts are turning toward the road as plans of summer road trips are exploding thru the twitosphere. Therefore we thought we’d rerun a blog post from last year that … Continue reading

Cost2Go Bracket to the NCAA Tournament

It’s March Madness and the selections have been made for the teams in the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  For all you rabid fans out there getting ready to hit the road and support your teams we’re providing you with … Continue reading

What does it cost to drive a Chevy Volt?

For our inaugural post on the Cost2Go blog I thought it might be fun to look into the future by adding the Chevrolet Volt into our Galculator (fuel cost calculator) on Cost2Drive. The timing of this coincides with two conferences … Continue reading