Truck Route Cost Estimates Now Supported on Cost2Drive


One of the most frequent requests we get on Cost2Drive is to support larger vehicle sizes such as RVs and tractor trailer trucks. We’re excited to announce today that we’ve added this capability so now truckers, brokers, shippers or anyone else in the transportation industry can now use our industry-leading Galculator to estimate fuel costs for upcoming trips.

Visitors will now notice a new Trucks tab in the main navigation that will take them to a page where along with their route information they can also enter their vehicle’s MPG, fuel tank size and fuel type and the app will calculate fuel costs based on real time fuel prices at refueling stops along the route. It will also highlight the refueling points along the way based on the range of the vehicle.


The new Trucks section supports all the features available in the car version of Cost2Drive, including the ability to add up to 8 stops to your trip (the above route from Boston to Nashville includes a stop in Chicago).  There is also a trip details section that provides information regarding the fuel prices that are used in the route calculations.  Note that the default fuel type for this new section is diesel which is the most commonly used fuel for truckers, however regular and premium grade fuels are also an option.

Let us know what you think about the new feature, and as always we’re always eager to hear feedback on how we can improve Cost2Drive.  Meanwhile go here if you want to calculate toll costs for your trip on our sister site Tollsmart (and yes, we will be combining these services shortly so stay tuned!).

Happy Driving!


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