Welcome to the Cost2Go blog, the official blog of C2G, LLC, a northern Virginia Web company that helps car travelers plan better trips.  Our first application Cost2Drive makes it easy to calculate the cost of driving anywhere in the US based on real time gas prices along your route.  It's also the only site on the Internet that lets you compare the cost of flying with the cost of driving, and has been featured in over 20 major-market newspapers, on TV (including CNBC and the Today Show) and across the blogosphere including sites like CNET, Download Squad (AOL Techblog) and  MSNBC.com.

We also help commuters and in November, 2010 we built the Commute Calculator that is integrated on all RE/MAX property listing pages on remax.com and their affiliate websites.  In December, 2010 we launched the Cost2Drive Commuting Calculator, a Facebook application that quickly calculates how much money you'd save commuting to work in an electric vehicle.

Jim Kovarik

Jim Kovarik President & Cofounder C2G, LLC

Jim Kovarik is the President and Cofounder of C2G, LLC and resides with his wife and son in Great Falls, VA.  You can email him at jim@costtogo.com or read more about his background on LinkedIn.