Kayak found guilty of 'Flipping off' customers

Flippy tool

Has Kayak been flipping off its customers? Actually, they've been letting their users flip themselves off with their fun new interactive flip tool that lets users create their own version of the Kayak logo that resembles the schedule boards found in train and metro stations. I first came across this thanks to this posting in the travel industry blog TNOOZ and been having a ball with it ever since. Check out one of the...uh...flippies..I created here, and have some fun creating some of your own. I'm sure there are some folks you'd like to 'flip off' this weekend.

Here are few I created since Kayak has obviously obliterated my productivity today:

The Mastercard Flippy

The Mystery Celebrity Flippy

The Secret Message Flippy

The Las Vegas Flippy

The Burma Shave Flippy

Feel free to add your own flippies in the comments section below. Just make sure you follow Kayak's terms of service for the app.

Happy Driving!

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